Merry Christmas!

Mr. Purple Cadillac

Mr. Purple Cadillac is my new hope! He is gorgeous, at/at lilac and tan baby boy. Extra light lilac.

We are so happy!



Sugar, sweet girl

Sugar, our first MASKLESS blue and tan, carry cream and chocolate, at/at baby girl.

We love her so much. :)


Our first chocolate and tan boy

We are so happy that we have our first chocolate and tan, carry blue and cream boy, Willy Wonka. He was born in my kennel.

Dad is our lilac cream, ay/at, kyky boy, King of Cream :)


Lilac and tan babies

Our first lilac and tan babies were born in our kennel.

We are very very happy.

One solid lilac and tan girl and one lilac and tan pied boy. They are gorgeous


King of Cream

We are very very happy.

We have a new family member from UK!

King of Cream Morganzbullz is a gorgeous lilac platinum boy, carry the at gene also!!!


I am SO proud and happy

I am so happy and proud!!!!!

The "Rock" Dwayne Johnson has a Bastilleore bloodline!

His puppy's dad is blue but chocolate-carrier boy, BASTILLEORE LANCELOT!!!!!! brother of Johnny, my lilac boy. HAPPY <3

On pictures: the breeder, Melissa Leta's family, and Rock and his girlfriend.


Lilac litter again

Gorgeous lilac litter was born in my kennel 4 weeks ago.... we are very happy. :)